Breathing well is the basis of good health

How does it work?

Relaxes smooth muscle
Smooth muscle lines the airways, blood vessels and digestive system. Contracted or constricted smooth muscle may result in asthma, reflux, high blood pressure, headaches and IBS. Changing your breathing style with Breathe Well techniques relaxes smooth muscle.
Calms the nervous system
This breathing technique helps to switch on the relaxing or parasympathetic nervous system. Reducing the negative effects of stress hormones, adrenaline and cortisol. Enjoy an immediate reduction in anxiety as well as decreasing the long term negative effects of stress.
Increases oxygen
Via the Bohr effect, this breathing technique increases oxygen delivery throughout the body, including the brain. Improving memory, concentration and energy levels. Circulation also improves, helpful for people suffering from chilblains, Raynaud’s syndrome and preventing complications of diabetes.
Diaphragmatic breathing
Belly or diaphragmatic breathing is the way we were born to breath. However, many people lose this ability in childhood, and adopt shallow, chest breathing. This puts extra stress on upper body muscles, and may contribute to headaches, neck & shoulder tension as well as TMJ pain.
Permanent results
The retraining of your breathing which happens in the Breathe Well course, results in immediate results, but more importantly, via neuro-plasticity, this technique provides significant improvement if not a permanent solution to many health problems.

Who is it for?

  • Anxiety & Stress

    Defined as a ‘generalised pervasive fear’, some people suffer anxiety all day, every day. An anxiety or panic attack is an episode of anxiety ramped up dramatically. The stress hormones, adrenaline and cortisol, cause the unpleasant feelings associated with anxiety. Long term raised levels of these hormones are associated with a host of health concerns including heart disease, lowered immune system, autoimmune disease and insomnia. Learn how breathing can switch on the relaxing or parasympathetic nervous system, reducing the symptoms and long term effects of anxiety and stress.

  • Snoring & Sleep Apnea

    Snoring is caused by a vibration of the soft tissue of the upper airways and is associated with day time fatigue, poor concentration and weight gain. Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) is when breathing stops for seconds at a time during sleep. OSA may result in lowered oxygen levels and daytime drowsiness as well as increasing the risk of heart disease, diabetes and motor vehicle accidents. Breathing re-training establishes a softer quieter breathing pattern, creating less suction pressure on the upper airways, decreasing symptoms and improving sleep quality. A natural alternative to C-Pap machines.

  • Asthma & Sinusitis

    Asthma occurs when the airways, in reaction to a trigger, become inflamed and swollen. In response, cells lining the airways release sticky mucus and inflammatory substances causing constriction and reducing airflow. Sinusitis is when the membranes lining the sinuses become swollen and secrete mucus causing in increase in pressure and subsequent pain. Regardless of the triggers for asthma or sinusitis, the proven techniques taught in Breathe Well reduce inflammation and widen airways, helping you to breathe freely and reducing the need for medication.

Our customers

“I have found my symptoms improved and I have a better understanding of my body and have learned skills to use for the rest of my life.”

– Allie

“I was thrilled to see the big improvement in my son’s breathing & asthma. His sport performance has benefited greatly also.”

– Sienna

“Such a relaxed environment and format of the course. Nothing was ever rushed, perfectly planned, so informative and useful for so many day to day issues.”

– Lyndal

“Mim’s presentation was clear and easily understood. She also was aware of participants limitations and gave exercises in accordance with them.”

– Mary

“Mim has made a significant difference to the way I sleep and totally stopped my snoring. It has been a fun way to learn some very important information about the function of the body.”

– Graham

“I feel the healthiest I have ever been. I would recommend the course to anyone who has ever suffered from hayfever, allergies, stuffed nose or headaches.”