Breathe Well.A course in the Buteyko breathing technique.

Young woman enjoiying the benefits of the Breathe Well course

The perfect man breathes as if he does not breathe.

- Lao Tzu, philosopher 6th century BCE

Breathe Well is a course in the Buteyko breathing technique, facilitated by leading Australian Naturopath Mim Beim.

About the Buteyko Breathing Course

Overbreathing or chronic hyperventilation is a trigger and a cause for many conditions including asthma, anxiety, snoring, sleep apnea and sinusitis problems. Based on the Buteyko breathing method, Breathe Well corrects the cause of many of these health concerns. Through a series of easy techniques, Mim will show you how to change breathing style. Results are noticed very quickly. Breathe Well Courses are held in Sydney, Moore Park, Willoughby and Mittagong.

Book Your Place / Find Out More

To find out more, or to book your place in a forthcoming Breathe Well course, please get in touch. Mim can also be reached directly on 0411 748 749, and found on Facebook.

For more information about Mim, her specialities, range of health products and experience, please visit the Beaming with Health website. For general information about the benefits of Buteyko breathing see our resources section where you will find some interesting and informative videos featuring Mim. We also have a fantastic overview of the benefits of the Buteyko breathing that you can download.