Dental Payment Plans in Australia

Dental treatments in Australia can be expensive, especially if you need to undergo a complicated surgery. It might be a problem to secure funding for costly dental sessions, so experts designed dental payment plans.

In this article, we are explaining how this mechanism works. You will learn how to apply for these programs and discover which one is a good fit for you.

Dental Payment Plans – A Basic Overview

As the name suggests, a payment plan is a detailed description of how you will handle paying for a specific service. You will see them applied to various industries, and people throughout Australia use them for pricey products and services.

Dental treatments can be expensive, which is why your budget can suffer a hit if you pay them upfront. That is where dental payment plans come into play, since they can split the entire sum in different instalments that you can pay over several months or years.

If you are wondering whether a payment plan will affect the sum you need to pay, it depends on your deal’s specific terms. Some institutions offering these plans might even reduce the overall sum to pay, but the majority won’t increase it, which is a critical consideration.

Is a Payment Plan Good for Both Dentists and Patients?

Yes. These are a win-win situation both for dentists and patients. A customized plan for handling the payment increases the odds of a patient agreeing to a particular treatment. The patient won’t suffer a massive budget hit because they have an opportunity to pay in multiple instalments.

As for dental service providers, they can proceed with providing the treatment because of the implemented payment plan. If these plans aren’t available, many patients will give up on getting the treatment. However, thanks to the option to pay via instalments, dentists can attract more patients and increase their profit.

Who Offers a Dental Payment Plan?

You would be surprised how easy it is to get a dental payment plan these days. The good news is that an increased number of dentist offices supports this option. That means you can look for available plans while waiting at your local dentistry. It’s vital to note that the dentist has the right to decide for or against approving a particular plan.

The usual way it works is that dentistry has a signed partnership with a third-party provider. Those companies might specialize in providing dental payment plans, such as MediPay or MySmilePlan. Alternatively, the facility might choose to sign a deal with a company that provides instalment plans for various niches, such as PayRight and OpenPay.

The available payment plans will depend on the chosen dentist and your location. However, the experts note that you can save up to 40% on the initial sum you have to pay. You will still need to pay that remaining sum, but spreading it over several months will ensure that your budget doesn’t suffer a huge hit.

How to Discover If I am Eligible for a Dental Payment Plan?

It’s not easy to respond to that question because each operator has different requirements. That is why you should start by assessing all dental offices in your area that offer this option for billing their services.

Once you find the dentistry, identify their payment provider. They should clearly specify their eligibility requirements.

Here are some common things that are checked when deciding if you are eligible to pay dental services in multiple installments:

●    Legal age requirement — in Australia, it’s set at 18 years of age. If you are a minor, you cannot apply for payment plans.

●    Citizenship — these options are only available to Australian residents.

●    Liquidity — every provider will check to ensure you didn’t go bankrupt. However, only some will assess your credit score, potential tax debts, income channels, etc.

How Does a Dental Payment Plan Work?

As we explained, this option presents a plan on how you will pay for the provided dental service. You can think of it as a loan that you need to pay back over time.

The provider will assess your current financial situation and design customized terms for your payment plan. It’s usually possible to discuss with the dentist or the provider and personalize the terms to your liking.

Please note that all discussions about the payment plans are handled before the dentist provides the treatment. As soon as you sign it, the document becomes official, which means the law requires you to pay the sum at those specified deadlines.

What Is the Timeframe of a Payment Plan?

Dental payment plans might have a short and long timespan. The shortest is usually 3-6 months, but it can be spread over up to two or three years. Some providers require paying a portion of your debt as a deposit. Depending on the plan, you might need to pay a part of the entire treatment’s cost right away.

If it’s easier for you, you can ask for weekly or bi-weekly treatments, too. Everything is up for discussion before the treatment starts. You should aim to establish a deal that suits you perfectly.

How to Apply for a Dental Plan

That will depend on whether the plan is offered by the dentist or by a third party. If you agree to terms with your dentist, applying for the deal should be simple. It only requires filling a simple form providing your and treatment details and particulars about the payment plan. Once you sign, you start paying instalments directly to the dentist’s office.

An alternative is a third-party dental payment plan. These might not be that flexible, which means you should fit within the conditions offered by the provider. Some operators allow you to choose the payment frequency and adjust the rate accordingly.

You might need to sign up for these forms online or wait for a day or two until the provider performs all the necessary credit checks to approve the plan. Once they confirm the plan, they pay the entire sum to the dentist, and you divert the instalments to them. It might be required to pay a small fee for using the plan of that particular provider. Also, make sure to conduct your payments on time or you might need to pay penalties.

Dentists in Sydney Who Offer Payment Plans

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  3. Infinity Dental Care – MacCredit
  4. Sydney Dental Surgeons – MiFund, Openpay
  5. Emergency Dentist Syd.MiSmilePlan, Afterpay
  6. A Better Smile Dental Centre

Dentists in Brisbane Who Offer Payment Plans

  1. Skygate Dental
  2. List pending more research