Sydney’s Natural Treatment for Sleep Apnea

It’s a little unsettling to consider, but the symptoms of this condition can occur up to 100 times a night without us even realising it. Sleep apnea occurs when breathing is reduced or actually stops completely during sleep, sometimes up to as much as two minutes at a time. The deeper stages of sleep are also affected, particularly the restorative REM (Rapid Eye Movement) stage, causing sufferers to feel drowsy during the day. Other symptoms include poor concentration and memory, morning headaches, irritability and high blood pressure.

How Buteyko breathing techniques can treat sleep related conditions

This common condition poses a risk factor for obesity, diabetes and heart disease, three of the biggest health threats in Australia. Our Sleep Well course, based on Buteyko breathing techniques, retrains the body to breathe more gently, focussing on nasal breathing instead of mouth breathing. This Buteyko sleep apnea treatment available in Sydney is designed to provide a natural alternative to uncomfortable and expensive CPAP machines.

Who is susceptible to this condition?

Whilst this condition can affect people of all ages, it is more commonly found amongst those aged 30-60 and typically affects men more than women.

Additional benefits

The Buteyko Sleep Well treatment available in Sydney will also help treat snoring, poor concentration & memory, insomnia, high blood pressure and low energy. Retraining your body to breathe well can have a number of therapeutic benefits for your body which can improve your general state of health.

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