Common Allergens You Should Try and Avoid

Common Allergens You Should Try and Avoid

Allergies plague millions of Americans every day and they can be mild where you only have a stuffy nose or they can be severe enough to be life threatening.  If you want to alleviate your allergy symptoms the best way to do that is to know your allergy triggers and try and avoid them.  Allergy testing is the fastest way to discover what you are allergic to but if that isn’t possible here are some of the more common allergens you should try and avoid.

Pet Dander

You can have pets for years and not realize that they are the reason for your allergies.  Pet allergies can range from fairly mild to more severe.  Symptoms may be as simple as a stuffy nose or you can have the works, stuffy nose, water eyes, sneezing and skin rashes or hives.  Sometimes you can make the symptoms manageable with some over the counter allergy medication and in other cases Fido may need to find a new home.

Dust and Pollen

These are two of the most common allergens and they are extremely hard to avoid.  Dust is everywhere and pollen counts can vary depending on where you live but there is pollen everywhere.  You can do things like making sure the air quality in your home is good.  But you will likely have to settle for managing your symptoms with medication.


If you have ever had a reaction to jewelry then you may be allergic to nickel. Women tend to notice this the first time they get their ears pierced and the piercing gets infected.  Nickel allergies are so common that you can find nickel free jewelry almost everywhere.  Most people with nickel allergies just get cracked and dry skin, while other can have far more severe reactions.

Food Coloring

Food coloring can be found in a ton of processed foods, everything from candies to soda.  For those that are allergic the symptoms can be vomiting and diarrhea, wheezing, hives and itchy skin.  The most common dye people react to is red dye but red dye derivatives like pink, orange and purple dyes can also cause reactions.  It is not the dye itself that you are allergic to, the dye is made from the cochineal bug that gives the red pigment and that is what people are allergic to.

Allergies are nothing to mess around with, even the milder reactions can get worse with time.  Some allergens can cause life threatening reactions so be very careful around things that you are allergic to.