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Specific needs

“Mim is a gifted and generous teacher. Her approach to teaching the Buteyko technique is interactive, instructive and fun. Learning to breathe well takes effort and commitment, but it has had a profoundly positive impact on my life. Also, I really liked how Mim was able to suggest what breathing exercises to focus on for each of our specific needs rather than having to do them all.

– Amy, April 2017

Waking up full of Energy

“This whole course has truly changed my life! I’m waking up full of energy + stepping straight out of bed. I’m awake all day. I forget how it felt to be tired ALL DAY because I don’t feel that way any more. I’ve had other changes too: no cold feet, no stiff neck/shoulders, less anxiety, less teeth grinding and clenching.

– Fiona, March 2017

Life changing

“Attending Mim’s Buteyko class has been an enjoyable as well as life-changing experience for my partner and myself. Mim’s clear and accessible teaching style has made the principles and methods of this profound practice easy to understand and apply in daily life. Over-all a practical and fun way to learn how to breathe better for so many health benefits. Thank you Mim!

– Carey, Feb 2017

Asthma & Anxiety

“Hi there Mim I’m sure you hear this all the time, but I am absolutely loving your teaching style, it’s such a pleasure and a privilege to learn from you. And….Not to sound like a pessimist, but I have to say I am rather astounded at the changes that I have experienced so far! Nothing has helped me or given me any real hope in years, so there are no words to convey how impressed I am at how much both my asthma and anxiety appear to have improved.

– Caro

Circulation and Vitality

“My health has improved amazingly since beginning breathing classes with Mim. My varicose veins are subsiding, spider veins disappearing !!! Cold hands and feet reversed to warm and glowing. I have regained Vitality!!!!”

– Sandy

Blood Pressure and anxiety

“Thanks Mim! I have thoroughly enjoyed both the theory and practical exercises. I have seen a noticeable improvement in my blood pressure + anxiety levels and would recommend your course to anyone.”

– Matthew


“After two weeks of doing the course, my symptoms improved dramatically. I was suffering from fatigue, waking up tired every morning. After 4 weeks I’m waking up a lot more fresh. Mim has a relaxed way of teaching.”

– Anna

“Hey Mim…You make it a great class to be apart of. It’s really easy to engage with you and I get on well with funny, down the line no bullshit people. Like you! So thanks for maneuvering your way around whatever life circumstances have created your personality and spirit because you are freakin grand.”

– Ryan

“I have found my symptoms improved and I have a better understanding of my body and have learned skills to use for the rest of my life.”

– Allie

“I was thrilled to see the big improvement in my son’s breathing & asthma. His sport performance has benefited greatly also.”

– Sienna

“Such a relaxed environment and format of the course. Nothing was ever rushed, perfectly planned, so informative and useful for so many day to day issues.”

– Lyndal

“Mim’s presentation was clear and easily understood. She also was aware of participants limitations and gave exercises in accordance with them.”

– Mary

“Mim has made a significant difference to the way I sleep and totally stopped my snoring. It has been a fun way to learn some very important information about the function of the body.”

– Graham

No more congestion

“I feel the healthiest I have ever been. I would recommend the course to anyone who has ever suffered from hayfever, allergies, stuffed nose or headaches.”